Stephan Buys
South Africa
Stellenbasch University
120 Hour ITTT TEFL Certificate
김해 봉황초, 진해 장천초, 창원 신월초 등등
Hi. My name is Stephan and I'm from South Africa. I've been living and teaching in Korea for the last few years. I have an undergrad degree from the University of Stellenbosch and a 120 hour TEFL from ITTT. Teaching is a passion and specifically teaching in Korea has taught me not just to embrace her cultural splendor but also to build on this experience and carry this with me for the rest of my life.
Nicholas Felber
University of Akron
TEFL Certificate, Business English TEFL
양산 황산초, 양산 봉황초 등등
My name is Nick. I am from the U.S. I have been in Korea for 4 years and love every minute of it. Watching students have fun while they learn is very rewarding. Knowing that what the students learn will help them build a brighter future is what makes teaching a great job. I look forward to class everyday.
Marlene Zeiser
University of Hawaii, Hilo
TEFL Certificate, Business English TEFL
양산 성산초, 양산 오봉초 등등
"My name is Marlene. I have a BA in English and am a TESOL certified teacher from Hawaii. I currently live and teach in South Korea. I have combined teaching/tutoring experience in the US and South Korea to individuals and corporations, to adults, teens and young learners. My mission is to help others experience and learn the English language in a comfortable learning environment while sharing and strengthening cultural exchange between the United States and the world."
Virginia Lambert
Virginia Commonwealth University
통영 통영초, 진주 가좌초, 진주 선학초 등등
"Ok! About me- ""Hi I'm Ginna! I'm an American from Richmond, VA and have been teaching in Korea for about two years. I love engaging my students in fun English language related projects. If you are one of my student- I challenge you to get creative, don't be afraid, and speak up!"
Michael Harris
University of Nottingham
마산 가고파초, 윤선생 영어 등등
My name is Mike. I am from the United Kingdom. I teach English at Gagopa Elementary school. I am into my second year of teaching at YSC and have been teaching English in Korea for over 2 years. Teaching passionate students really motivates me and I always look forward to getting a chance to meet new students. I hope to see you soon!
Andy Tsang
Ravensbourne College
진해 장복초, 진해 자은초, 창원 성주초 등등
My name is Andy and I'm from England. I have made Korea my home for the last three years, and have been enjoying the freedom offered to explore and teach English in a way that suits my personality. Teaching for me involves simplifying, and engaging students in fresh ways that surprise them, while sticking to clear English teaching goals. It's nice to meet you.
Timothy Wesney
New Zealand
De Montfort University
진해 웅천초, 마산 봉덕초, 마산 상일초 등등
"Hi. My name is Tim. I've been teaching in Korea for years now and I the thing I love most about teaching young learners is seeing the their evident progress at the end of the day. I'm a teacher by heart and will stay an educator for the rest of my life. Nothing is more rewarding that shaping young minds."
Michelle Kubas
Keene State College
거제 국산초, 거제 삼룡초 등등
"Hello! My name is Michelle and I am from Connecticut, USA. I studied Education and Social Sciences in university and I have been teaching in South Korea for 2 years. I love living in South Korea and have the opportunity to get to know my students. I look forward to continuing my career in education in South Korea!"
Devin Burger
South Africa
University of Rhodes, Grahamstown 거제 중앙초, 거제 진목초 등등
"Hi! I’m Devin Burger, born and raised in South Africa and I’ve been living in Korea since November 2010. It may seem like a long time, but I’ve enjoyed every minute. I have an honors degree in English and Philosophy from Rhodes University. I’ve been teaching English for several years now and I thoroughly enjoy the rewards and challenges that every day brings. I try my best to provide a safe, educational and hopefully educational e environment for the students. A good sense of humor and a friendly atmosphere usually helps! Even if it’s just one phrase or expression per day, I know my children will leave with more knowledge than before the class. I really am passionate about teaching and Korea provides a perfect opportunity for me to channel my enthusiasm and expertise. I look forward to more adventures, both in and out of the classroom."
Dylan Pelletier
Mcgill University
TESOL Certificate
창원 양덕초, 진해 대야초 등등
" Hello! My name's Dylan and I'm from Canada. I studied English, Anthropology and Spanish at McGill University and I am also fluent in French. I have been living and teaching in Changwon for the past ten years. I really enjoy teaching elementary and younger students because they are eager to learn and ready to try anything!"
Anna Loomes
University of Portsmouth
120 Hour ITTT TEFL Certificate
창원 명서초, 창원 내동초, 창원 삼정자초 등등
"My name is Anna. I have a BA in Fine Art and am a TEFL certified teacher from the UK. I currently reside in Changwon, South Korea and teach English to Elementary students. My aim is to add an element of creativity to the learning environment and to introduce English as a second language in a fun and engaging way, whilst motivating young learners in the process."
John Dumphy
Alfred University
Bachelor of Arts in English
김해 대곡초, 김해 부곡초 등등
John Dunphy has been an English teacher in South Korea since February 2013. Before joining YSC, he taught at a hagwon in Dadaepo, Busan. Prior to coming to South Korea, John was a journalist in New Jersey, USA. When not teaching, he enjoys reading, bicycling, hiking Korea's many, many mountains and enjoying Korea's many, many different kinds of delicious food.
Wilhelm Louw
South Africa
University of Pretoria
Bachelor of Arts Language in English Studies
거제 중곡초, 거제 장평초, 진주 갈전초 등등
"My name is Wilhelm Louw, but everyone calls me Will. I have been teaching English for nearly 2 and a half years, mostly in Korea and I am loving every second of it. I have a Degree in English and also hold the CELTA qualification. There is no better feeling than seeing a student understanding something that I have taught them. It is exhilarating. I love teaching in Korea and hope to do so for some time to come."
Stephen O'Meara
University of Limerick
창원 용남초, 창원 북면초 등등
Nienke Viloen
South Africa
University of the North-west Potchefstroom
120 Hour ITTT TEFL Certificate
김해 삼문초, 창원 명도초, 창원 용호초 등등
"My name is Nienke and I am from South Africa. I studied Consumer Science, obtained a TEFL certificate a year later and currently have 2 years experience teaching English in South Korea. My goal is to create a class environment where each and every student feels comfortable to interact, to participate and to grow in curiosity. I feel the best way to learn is to have fun whilst doing so."
Matthew Sullivan
St. Bonaventure University
TEFL Certificate
김해 관동초, 창원 사파초 등등
My name is Matthew Sullivan. I've been teaching in Korea for over four years. I studied journalism and English at university. It's always a privilege to teach my students.
Traylor Disbrow
University of South Carolina
창원 삼정자초, 김해 능동초 등등
My name is Traylor and I am American. I have a masters in education and before I arrived in Korea I worked at a high school in America. My wife and I have lived in Korea for three years and we will be welcoming our first daughter soon! I enjoy teaching at YSC because it allows me to be creative with students as well as allows for an interactive environment. I look forward to teaching your student in my class!
Nathan Roberts
Adelaide University
120 Hour ITTT TEFL Certificate
진해 동부초, 진해 안골포초 등등
Hello. My name is Nathan Roberts and I am from Australia. I studied a Bachelor of Commerce before leaving Australia to teach ESL. I worked in Vietnam for two years before moving to Korea in 2004. My philosophy for teaching is that it should be education and fun at the same time. I have enjoyed teaching ESL in Korea and hope to be here for many years to come.
Derrick Smith
South Africa
University of Stellenbosch
통영 죽림초, 거제 양지초, 거제 국산초 등등
"Hi. My name is Derrick. I've been living and teaching English in Korea for many years and love every second of it. Teaching is my true passion. Teaching English, while shaping the minds of Korea's future generation is rewarding in itself."
Hannah Walford
St. BonaventureUniversity
TEFL Certificate
김해 대청초, 창원 신월초 등등
"Hello. My name is Hannah and I am from the United Kingdom. I studied Politics at university and previously worked in corporate communications in London. I also ran my own sports coaching company where I got to teach lots of fun sports to children. I have been teaching in Korea since October 2012 and I have loved my time here so far!"